Meet our cats

Residents of Bear Den Sanctuary

Meet Helen

This sweet girl is a fan favorite of the sanctuary. Helen was found with her sister Lola under a pile of brush in the woods, thought to be dead. Although Helen was very much alive, vets believe that she has a condition called cerebellar hypoplasia. Because of this, Helen is unable to walk right. But, that doesn’t stop Helen! Helen can still do all the other things normal cats can do, it just takes her a little bit longer.

Meet Leroy Jones

Leroy is one of our first cats to arrive at the sanctuary. LJ is calm, cool, and collected and likes to just mind his business. He can usually be found lounging on the back deck or inside some sort of box to stay out of the heat.

Meet Fiona

Fiona was found abandoned by a dumpster in San Antonio. This sweet girl is one of our only long-haired cats in the sanctuary. Because it’s so hot, she tends to spend her days inside or lounging under a tree. She is very friendly and loves any attention she can get!

Meet Tabitha

Tabitha is a female orange tabby with orange eyes. Even though Tabitha typically only makes an appearance for breakfast and dinner, we still look forward to seeing her every day. She loves to welcome new friends whenever she can find time in her busy schedule.

Meet Sean

Sean was found in an apartment complex in Northern San Antonio and is one of our most recent additions to the sanctuary. Sean is currently getting used to the new environment in one of our welcome kennels, where he will stay for a couple weeks until he is released to roam on the sanctuary. Sean is a bit skittish, but we are hoping with time he will warm up. More updates to come!

Meet Allen

Allen was found in Hondo, Texas with his brother, Hondo. Allen has alopecia that is currently being treated. Despite that, Allen is an incredibly loving cat who loves to play with his brother and all his new friends. He loves to greet guests of the sanctuary and especially loves dogs.

Meet Carol

Carol was found at Home Depot and had clearly been dumped. She is a friendly cat who spends most of her time lounging on the back deck or under a shady tree. Carol enjoys meeting new people and loves to chase bugs.

Meet Lola

Lola and her sister Helen were found under a pile of brush in the woods and were thought to be dead. Luckily, both Helen and Lola were very much alive. After lots of nursing and cuddles, Lola became the sweet, loving kitty that she is today. Lola’s favorite thing to do is sleep right next to your face, purring so loud it’ll keep you up all night!

Meet Hondo

Hondo was found in Hondo, Texas with his brother Allen. His favorite thing to do is play with his brother and all the other kitties. Hondo loves to spend the day outside and loves to meet new people.

Meet Wall-E

This sweet boy was abandoned at a Walmart. When we first got him he was so scared that he scratched up my entire arm. Now that he has adapted to his forever home, he is one of the sweetest, gentlest, kindest cats in the sanctuary. Seeing how far he has come makes us so happy.

Meet Harry

Another one of our ferals. Harry was left at a dumpster behind HEB by his previous owners, and has since been very wary to trust people. That being said, he still likes to watch things from a distance and play with the other cats. Harry has warmed up a bit over time, so we are hopeful that with a lot of love and treats we can earn his trust.

Meet Moose

Moose is one of our feral cats, meaning she is scared of people and only lets sanctuary staff that have been around her for a while get near her. Moose was found at an Academy when she was a kitten and has been with us since.

Meet Henry

The alpha cat of the sanctuary. Weighing in at a whopping 19 pounds, Henry is our largest cat at the moment. Henry is a friendly boy who likes to spend his days lounging in the sun and eating lots of treats. Even though he’s very personable, Henry does not appreciate when other cats get in the way of his food. Henry loves to welcome new guests to the sanctuary and likes to clean new foster kittens himself!

Meet Bobby

Also known as Bobby Bojangles! Bobby was brought to us Christmas morning after being dumped in a parking lot. Bobby loves to play outside and come inside for some cuddles. She is a sweet kitty who gets a long with pretty much everyone.

Meet Lulu

Lulu was found as an abandoned kitten and is one of our few long-haired cats on the property. She spends most of her time climbing trees and chasing bugs, but makes sure to never miss breakfast or dinner. Lulu is very affectionate and has adapted very well to her life on the sanctuary.


Interested In Becoming A Sponsor?

Sponsorships & Virtual Adoptions

Would you like to virtually adopt one of our beloved permanent feline residents?

Sponsorship includes a monthly donation automatically charged to your preferred form of payment and covers cat care for the entire month!  You will be ensuring your cat receives top quality nutritional food, medical care, housing and social time!  We have paid staff and volunteers who interact in daily play time with our cats to keep them active and mentally engaged.  For $50/month you can select one of our adorable cat residents to virtually sponsor and you will receive quarterly updates on your cat!  Your monthly sponsorship helps ensure we can continue to care for our residents with the love and care they deserve while bringing in more cats in need.  A monthly sponsorship is also a great gift for that animal lover who already has everything they need!  Use the donate now button to become a monthly sponsor and in the notes section let us know which cat you would like to virtually adopt.  

Want to sponsor a cat house?
Honor your family, a loved one or a favorite pet by sponsoring a custom cat house and you get to name the house!  We will have a customized engraved name plate made and hung on your cat house.  Cat houses are $4000/each and we have 6 ready to purchase.  These cat houses are custom made for Bear Den Sanctuary by a local artisan.  They are insulated, elevated and made with high quality materials including a metal roof that may well outlast most human houses!  These homes protect our feline residents from both the heat and the cold and provide privacy and protection at an elevation that helps them to feel happy and secure.
If you’d like to help fund the purchase of a custom cat house, we have customizable paw prints available for purchase starting at $100/each.  These paw prints will be customized with the name of your choice and lovingly placed around the property in honor of you or a loved one.  Small prints are available for $100 each.  Medium prints are available for $250 each.  Large paw prints are available for $500 each.  Use the donate now button to purchase a cat house or cat paw and let us know in the notes section what name or names you’d like to have engraved on the cat house or paw print.  We will email you a picture of your purchase once it is displayed on the house or around the property.