Honor A Loved One

Want to Sponsor a Cat House?

Honor your family, a loved one, or a favorite pet by sponsoring a custom cat house and you get to name the house!

About the Cat Houses

Cat houses are $1500 each and we have 6 ready to purchase.  These cat houses are custom-made for Bear Den Sanctuary by a local artisan.  They are insulated, elevated, and made with high-quality materials including a metal roof that may outlast most human houses!

These homes protect our feline residents from both the heat and the cold and provide privacy and protection at an elevation that helps them feel happy and secure.

We’ll proudly install a plaque with your name or your business’s name on the home, a symbol of your dedication to creating a brighter future for feral cats within our sanctuary.

Your support in sponsoring a feral cat house strengthens our mission to end the suffering of homeless cats, creating a brighter tomorrow for these deserving animals, and we are deeply grateful for your partnership in this endeavor.

Reasons To Dedicate A Feral Cat House

Compassion and Support

Dedicate a feral cat home to show your compassion and support for feral cats and their welfare.

Animal-Loving Friends

Dedicate it to friends who share your passion for animal welfare and the well-being of feral cats.

Family Bond

Dedicate a feral cat home in memory of a family member to celebrate their love for animals and leave a lasting legacy.

Pet Lovers

Dedicate it to fellow pet lovers who have a special place in their hearts for all furry friends.

Animal Advocates

Honor individuals dedicated to animal advocacy and protection by naming a feral cat home after them.

Cat Rescuers

Recognize those who actively rescue and care for feral cats, showcasing their commitment.

Children's Education

Dedicate it as an educational tool to teach children about empathy and the importance of animal care.

Veterinarians and Animal Professionals

Honor veterinarians, animal shelter workers, and professionals dedicated to feline well-being.

Memorial for Beloved Cats

Create a memorial for beloved feline friends who have crossed the rainbow bridge.

Community Engagement

Encourage community involvement by dedicating feral cat homes to inspire others to take an interest in feral cat welfare.

Donate $200 or More & Get Custom Name Plate


Go to our donate page here to purchase a cat house or a nameplate and let us know in the notes section what name or names you’d like to have engraved on the cat house or nameplate.

We will email you a picture of your purchase once it is displayed on the house or in one of the enclosures around the property.

Bear Den Cat Sanctuary is pleased to offer personalized name plates that can be placed as dedications at our enclosures. Your generous donation of $200 or more grants you the opportunity to create a customized nameplate, leaving a lasting mark and expressing your support for our feline residents.

These nameplates not only serve as a beautiful testament to your commitment but also play a vital role in ensuring the well-being and happiness of our cats. Thank you for considering this special way to make a lasting impact on our sanctuary and the beloved cats that call it home.

Your contribution helps ensure our cats receive the care, shelter, and love they need, while the name plate stands as a symbol of your enduring support.

It’s a beautiful way to pay tribute to those we hold dear and make a meaningful impact on the lives of the cats that rely on our compassion and care.