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Bear Den sanctuary

Volunteer Opportunities

Colony Feeder
Feed community cats in outdoor colonies who rely on the kindness of caring people like you to provide them with food, water and love. As a colony feeder, you’ll be part of a team of volunteers who take turns providing care to the cats. You can volunteer as your schedule permits. The cats truly appreciate the care and love that volunteers give them – many will love you from afar, but all will benefit from your care and commitment. It’s truly rewarding to provide these deserving cats with food, water and care. We would love your help as a colony feeder.

Cat Socialization
To socialize a cat means to gradually acclimate her to human touch, human spaces, and human sights, smells, and sounds. It’s a process that is influenced by many factors of a cat’s life and takes time and effort from compassionate people.

Sanctuary Cleaning
Assisting in cleaning cat areas.

Organizing and maintaining sanctuary goods and supplies.

To assist in repairs and maintenance around the properties as needed. These tasks include fence building and repair, structure repairs and creating new housing for our growing cat community.  We have templates for structures we know are functional but Bear Den welcomes your creativity and unique ideas to contribute to our feline family.

Opportunities For Students 

Building/making outdoor cat houses and outdoor feeding stations. Students in clubs and societies or Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts, even fraternities and sororities could build simple (or ornate) houses and feeding stations for cats to get credit for clubs and other organizations.

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