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Volunteers Needed

We ensure our resident cats receive two nutritious meals daily, with a combination of wet and dry food and for that we need the help of our amazing volunteers. By volunteering, you will enjoy the fresh air, serene surroundings, and the chance to build bonds with our cherished feline residents.

Volunteers needed for feeding the cats, to help with tasks such as maintenance, socializing, enclosure cleaning and so on. Here’s a breakdown of the essential work we need help with:

Colony Feeder

Feed community cats in outdoor colonies who rely on the kindness of caring people like you to provide them with food, water and love.

As a colony feeder, you’ll be part of a team of volunteers who take turns providing care to the cats. You can volunteer as your schedule permits.

The cats truly appreciate the care and love that volunteers give them – many will love you from afar, but all will benefit from your care and commitment.

It’s truly rewarding to provide these deserving cats with food, water and care. We would love your help as a colony feeder.

Cat Socialization

Socializing a cat is all about gently helping them get used to human touch, human spaces, and the world we live in.

It’s a gradual process that takes time and patience, especially for cats with limited human interaction or past traumas. Being a cat socializer volunteer means being patient and compassionate, working to build a cat’s trust, and making them feel safe and loved.

This helps the cat adapt to a more human-friendly world. It’s a journey of understanding and building a special bond with these feline friends.

Sanctuary Cleaning

Volunteers needed to focus on the essential care and maintenance of our feline residents. You will be helping with tasks such as cleaning the sanctuary facilities, maintaining the cleanliness of the cat litter pans, tidying up cat houses, and ensuring that their enclosures are clean.

Your commitment to maintaining a clean and comfortable environment for our cats plays a vital role in their overall health and happiness. Join us in this meaningful endeavor and experience the satisfaction of knowing you’re making a real difference in the lives of our beloved feline friends.


Your responsibility includes keeping a well-organized inventory, tracking our supplies, and alerting us when we’re running low on essential items like cat food, litter, and cleaning supplies.

Your contribution supports the sanctuary’s functionality and plays a pivotal role in our mission to provide a secure and nurturing environment for our feline residents.

Your attention to detail and organization keeps our operations running smoothly and ensures we can continue to meet the needs of our cats.


You can get involved in keeping Bear Den Cat Sanctuary in tip-top shape by helping with repairs and maintenance.

This means fixing fences, repairing buildings, lawn & tree maintenance and creating new homes for our expanding cat family.

We have some basic designs, but we’re also open to your creative and innovative ideas to make our cat haven even better.

Your contribution in making sure everything is in good working order is vital for our furry residents’ well-being and happiness.

For Students

We offer a special volunteer opportunity for youth groups such as clubs, Scouts, and fraternities/sororities. Your group can make a meaningful impact by building outdoor cat houses and feeding stations, and providing shelter and food for our cats.

You can design simple or elaborate structures based on your skills and preferences. This not only gives you valuable hands-on experience but also brings immense satisfaction in contributing to our cats’ well-being.

Your efforts will create a safe and comfortable haven for our feline residents and offer your organization a sense of fulfillment and teamwork.

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