Fostering A Cat


Fostering a cat from Bear Den Sanctuary is not just an act of kindness; it’s a transformative experience that profoundly impacts both the feline you welcome into your home and your own life. By becoming a foster parent, you play a pivotal role in our mission to alleviate the suffering of homeless cats. These cats have often endured unimaginable hardships, and your decision to open your heart and home to them provides them with the love, care, and stability they desperately need.

Fostering offers you the opportunity to make a direct, positive change in the life of a homeless cat. Many of our feline residents have faced trauma or neglect, and they need a safe, nurturing environment to heal and regain trust in humans. When you foster, you offer them a chance to rebuild their confidence and experience the comfort of a loving home. 

It’s a journey of mutual growth, where you witness the remarkable transformation of a once-vulnerable cat into a happy, confident companion. Moreover, fostering allows you to learn about the unique personalities and stories of these remarkable animals, creating a bond that can be incredibly rewarding. You become a part of their journey to a brighter future, and in the process, you discover the immeasurable joy of knowing you’ve made a difference in the life of a deserving cat.

Eight Steps To Fostering

Phone Call

Reach out to Bear Den Cat Sanctuary to see if there are any cats available to foster. If yes, continue to next step.  If no, please provide contact information so we can let you know when there is one available.

Foster Application

Fill out the application below and someone at Bear Dean Sanctuary will inform you of the next step.

Prepare Your House

If approved, prepare your home for the new foster.  Have a minimum of food (we will provide for the first week),  bowls, cat litter/pan, a sleeping spot, and a quiet area for the first few days.

Meet Your Foster Cat

In this step, you will come to the sanctuary and meet your new best friend.  You will be able to interact with him/her, get to know their personality, and one of the staff members will go over any needs that the cat may have.

Transport The Foster Cat Home

Please bring a carrier to transport the cat. If you don’t have one, we will provide you with a cat transport cardboard box.  Be prepared for the cat to be vocal during the ride.  This is normal.  Just talk to him/her in a soothing voice.  Do not open the carrier since he/she may jump out.

First Day At Home

Whenever the foster cat arrives, make sure that he/she doesn’t get overwhelmed by too many people trying to take them out of the carrier.  The best thing to do is to put the cat and the carrier in a quiet room and let him/her acclimate to the area.  Make sure you have food, water, litter/pan, and sleeping spot.  Open the carrier door so he/she can step out when they are ready.

Time To Come Out

When the foster cat has acclimated to you and his/her initial surroundings, have him/her venture out into other parts of the house.  Do not force the cat to areas he/she doesn’t want to go.  Bring out some toys and treats to make the outings enjoyable. After a while the cat will feel safe in his/her new environment and you both will start making great memories.

Adoption Time

Separation can be a difficult time but know that you made a great impact in the foster cat’s life and you have prepared him to go to his forever home.  If you decide to adopt the foster cat, that is great…just let us know.