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Currently, our loving haven is home to 128 cats and one fortunate “Dog”. 26 of these cats have been pulled from the kill list at Animal Control Services in San Antonio. 

A remarkable 80 of our cherished cats who roam freely within our sanctuary have names that reflect their unique personalities. The other more reserved feline friends are too feral to be seen frequently but find solace in specialized enclosures.


Welcome to the
Bear Den Sanctuary

Join us in making a real difference in the lives of homeless cats. Bear Den Sanctuary, a 501c3 non-profit organization, founded in 2021, was born out of an unwavering commitment to end the suffering and overpopulation of homeless and feral cats. Our mission is driven by compassion, a deep love for animals, and an urgent call to action.

Bear Den Sanctuary was established with a singular purpose: to rescue these cats from their nightmarish existence. We provide them with a permanent, loving home where they experience warmth, safety, and the care they so desperately need. Our dedicated veterinarians tend to their physical and emotional well-being, ensuring they receive the medical attention they require to heal.

We Provide:

A Loving Home

Nutritious Meals


Medical Attention

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Homeless Cats Need Us!

Cats Are Suffering

Based in the heart of Texas, our cat sanctuary stands as a beacon of hope in a state where the homeless cat population has spiraled out of control.

These cats face unimaginable hardships – cruelty inflicted by humans, perilous encounters with vehicles, and agonizing deaths at the hands of predators.

They endure the scorching heat of summer, withering away from thirst and hunger, only to be met with the biting cold of winter, where they freeze alone and forgotten.

Beneath the surface, homeless cats quietly suffer. They hide their pain in lonely places and learn to be wary of people. Their suffering is like a secret struggle, where they go hungry, yearning for help. We may not see it, but it’s there. That’s why it’s so important to help them and end their pain.

Preventing Overpopulation

We believe in prevention as much as intervention. Spaying and neutering are the cornerstones of our efforts, for we know that by curbing the birth rates of homeless cats, we can truly make a lasting impact on their future.

Through this crucial practice, we work tirelessly to break the cycle of suffering. Bear Den Cat Sanctuary helps fund sterilization surgeries for cats in the community, as well as those on our property.

Stopping the birth of unwanted kittens is essential to end the homeless cat epidemic. The trap and release initiative is a vital part of a comprehensive approach, ensuring that even feral cats are given the chance to be spayed or neutered, contributing to a more humane future for all cats, both within our sanctuary and throughout the surrounding areas.

Go to the trap and release program section in the San Antonio Feral Cats Coalition webpage to attend a class and for more information.

Homeless Cats in the USA

Spay/neuter surgeries funded by us


Donations & Volunteers

Every cat has the potential to lead a happy, fulfilling life, and it’s our duty to make that dream a reality.

Donations Are Needed

We cannot do this alone. We need your support, kindness, and generosity to continue this vital work. Your donations sustain us, allowing us to rescue more cats, provide them with the care they need, and spread awareness about responsible pet ownership.

Together, we can educate the community on the importance of proper nutrition, spaying and neutering, regular veterinary care, and the prevention of cruelty towards homeless and feral cats.

Our Dedicated Volunteers 

Our sanctuary thrives because of the tireless efforts of our volunteers and dedicated staff. Each and every cat who finds solace at the Sanctuary is cherished and celebrated for their uniqueness.

It is a privilege to be a part of their journey, knowing that we are rewriting their stories from despair to hope.


Our Goals

At Bear Den Sanctuary, our unwavering goals revolve around transforming the lives of homeless cats and creating a haven of compassion.


We aim to expand and enhance our shelter facilities, providing more enriching spaces to ensure each cat is enveloped in comfort and security, offering them the true home they deserve.


Our commitment extends to recruiting more compassionate staff, as their dedication is the cornerstone of our mission. We need more people to help feeding, maintenance and socializing the cats.

Empty The Shelters

A dream of Bear Den Sanctuary is to empty the shelters.  We’d like to pull all cats and kittens from the kill lists at Texas shelters and be able to bring them to the Sanctuary while working with Rescues in other states and Canada to transport adoptable cats to areas looking for cats in need of homes.

Purchase More Property

We plan to purchase more properties to build more sanctuaries. Our goal is to one day be able to take in every cat in need. Currently, due to limited resources, we are only able to take the cats in the most dire of need for a forever home.

Introduction From Our Founder

Homeless Cats Statistics

25% of Cats

Born outdoors survive past 6 months of age

2-5 Years

Average lifespan for a homeless cat

25,000 daily

Healthy cats are euthanized in shelters

$2000 In Food

To feed cats at the Sanctuary monthly

Dedicate A

Feral Cat Home

At Bear Den Cat Sanctuary, we’re dedicated to the welfare of all cats, and our commitment extends to constructing purpose-built feral cat homes within our sanctuary. These special homes offer a safe haven for feral cats, helping them find comfort and security.

These feral cat homes can also be sponsored for $1500, making it an accessible way for businesses and generous individuals to showcase their commitment to the community and make a tangible impact on the lives of these cats.


Honey Mercantile

We are incredibly grateful to Honey Mercantile, a local gem that seamlessly blends the charm of a general store with the elegance of a boutique. Their commitment to creating an extraordinary shopping experience goes hand in hand with their kindness and generosity.

We’re delighted to announce that Honey Mercantile is now carrying our products, and what makes it even sweeter is that 100% of the proceeds from these sales directly support the Bear Den Cat Sanctuary. This partnership not only enhances the lives of our furry residents but also exemplifies the power of community collaboration.

A heartfelt thank you to Honey Mercantile for being a part of our mission and for making a positive impact on the well-being of our beloved cats.