About Us

Protecting Homeless Cats.

Bear Den Sanctuary is based in Texas, where the homeless cat population has reached epic proportions. Homeless cats endure not only cruelty from people by means of poisoning, physical harm motor vehicle accidents but also suffer horrible deaths by predators, starvation, dehydration in the summers, and freezing in the winters.

Bear Den Sanctuary was formed exclusively to end the suffering and overpopulation of homeless and feral cats by providing them with permanent homes and veterinarian care. One of the primary missions of Bear Den Sanctuary is to spay and neuter all homeless cats. Spay and neutering are important to our organization because spaying and neutering are vital to ending the homeless cat population.

Additionally, Bear Den Sanctuary seeks to provide the community with informational resources for educating pet owners on responsible pet ownership, including proper nutrition, the need for regular veterinary care, and the prevention of animal cruelty, namely cats. Bear Den is sustained by your generous donations, dedicated volunteers, and staff that help give each cat love and care. Every cat is unique and special, and it’s a privilege to share in their lives and know that they can live a happy life under Bear Den Sanctuary’s stewardship.